-It's time to remember how strong and balanced you are-

Welcome to my website.
My name is Conner and I am Dutch Yoga Teacher living in Berlin. I strive to make Yoga accessible to everyone.
I love moving, meditating, Calisthenics and I combine all in my classes and in my own practice.
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     ABOUT ME​     

"Gentle, compassion and breathing"

After living on a small island in the North of Germany, I moved to Berlin in 2018.
I completed my Vinyasa- and Yin Yoga Teacher Training here and have been teaching since.

Yoga has been a big part of my life, for the last 6 years. I practice it every day and over time it has developed into so much more than just a physical practice.
It didn't only give me strength, flexibility, and stamina, but also insights into my personal life.
Yoga is not a part of Life, you'll discover that Life is Yoga.

Taking the step to become a teacher was huge for me. It took my practice to a much deeper level and redefined the way that I can connect with people.
Yoga and meditation brought me so much joy over the years. Through my classes, I want to share this thrilling experience.
One pose at a time.


Open for all levels


"May we reconnect with ourselves.
May we remember that we are brilliance.
Shining from the inside out."



Return to balance through a calming and invigorating practice.
Fridays 19:00-20:30

My Yin- Vinyasa class is a great weekend starter. We start with a few relaxing Yin poses and then slowly and gently build up to our Vinyasa.
We move, we sweat, we balance and we laugh.
Before you know it, the class is already slowing down again as we prepare the body for the stillness of Shavasana.

Where: Raum 5 Praxis für Körperarbeit
            Mahlowerstraße 5, near   Ubahn Boddingstraße

Urban Sports Club & Classpass available
Trial: €10
Drop-in: €14

                     -IMPORTANT NOTICE-

Because of the Coronavirus, no physical classes will be held until further notice.



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